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Al Khamsa Supporter

The Heirloom taproot horses are those Al Khamsa Foundation Horses exported from Arabia Deserta before 1914 from which the Root Mares and Root Stallions of the Royal Agricultural Society of Egypt descend, as recorded in the first volume of the RAS Studbook. Heirloom Egyptian Arabian horses therefore encompass only the oldest Egyptian bloodlines in Al Khamsa, the Egypt I and Blunt ancestral elements, without admixture of later blood.

Shar Sabbah (1966-1995)
(Negem x Gammousa) black-bay Straight Babson Mare

Shar Sabbah produced eight quality sons and one outstanding daughter, all within the Heirloom Straight Babson and Babson/Halima groups. She passed on a sweet temperament and extreme floating action to her foals. Shar Sabbah was honored in the May 2000 issue of Arabian Horse World (pg. 311) as # 17 in the list of "Top Performance Dams" at Scottsdale 2000.
Photo by John W. Fippen (1922-1997)

Ibn Lothar 1978 (Lothar x Shar Sabbah)
The only Heirloom offspring of Lothar (*Fadl x Habba). Photo by J. Fippen

We have within our breeding program four distinct bloodlines, each of which is within the Egypt I-Blunt (Heirloom) group of Al Khamsa horses. 

The first group, and most endangered in terms of perpetuating this rare blood, is the Hadban-Inzihi strain tail-female to Venus (KDV) through *Masarra's only Heirloom daughter, the incomparable Bint Masarra. Bint Masarra is no longer producing, leaving only about 9 mares producing this strain!

Another group within our herd is that of Queen of the Nile (Ra'adin Inshalla x Akid Bint Anazeh) and her offspring, all carrying Babson /Halima/Tuhotmos bloodlines.

Additionally, we have bred generations of Heirloom Babson/Halima horses, concentrating the blood of Fay-Sabbah through the foundation mare, Shar Sabbah (Negem x Gammousa), Heirloom Straight Babson. We have tested the strength of these bloodlines through close breedings and have produced outstanding competitive individuals of sound mind, excellent conformation, and dressage-type action.

The fourth group is that of the Pritzlaff horses, started by Richard Pritzlaff in the 1950s- a line of horses with  very distinct physicall characteristics- large jibba and 'human' eyes being the most noticeable traits.  These horses were bred and raised as they would have been in the wild deserts of Egypt- running loose on Pritzlaff's Rancho San Ignacio in New Mexico.

Herd sires are Ibn Lothar, a Straight Babson Egyptian, Inshalla Imhotep, Heirloom Babson/Halima bloodlines, and Miracle RSI, the Pritzlaff son of *Bint Dahma.

 Ibn Lothar is the last living Babson son of Lothar. (Fippen's Dressage Stable, St. Joseph, IL)

Inshalla Imhotep 1981
2001 Photo by Alicia Schafroth

The Greatly Beloved: Shallimar Bedu
Photo by John W. Fippen

Shahrzada 1990
2001 Photo by Margaret Albertine

The Immortal: Bint Masarra
Photo by John W. Fippen

Sabbahs Marjah w/ Rajah of Sabbah
2000 Photo by Margaret Albertine

Tumonia 1992 chsnt, Bluewhite 1987 blk
Photo by Johnny Johnston