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Bellehaven Farm Inc.
American Saddlebreds

Here at Bellehaven Farm we pride ourselves on offering American Saddlebred stallions and mares with top-of-the-line pedigrees, sure to make any horse a winner! We do not necessarily breed for pretty heads and unusual colors- here, it is all about the bloodlines, because you don't ride the head :)

Stonewall King
(My King x Gloriann)

The great Stonewall King: 1920 chestnut stallion. Known most for siring Stonewall Peavine and Stonewall Supreme along with many other outstanding stallions.

CH Belle Le Rose
(American Born x Anita Auburn)

CH Belle Le Rose: 1927 bay mare. 1933 & 1934 5-Gaited World Grand Champion. Beat Sweetheart on Parade(2nd) and CH King's Genius(3rd) in the famous 1933 Championship match at the Kentucky State Fair. Most known for her daughter Rita Le Rose (by Beau Peavine).

CH Valley View Supreme
(Genius Bourbon King x Diana Gay)

CH Valley View Supreme: 1952 chestnut stallion. Known most for siring the immortal World Champion sire: Supreme Sultan.

Santana's Kicks N'Grins

The Moonlight Man

1978 Chestnut. First Foal Crop: 1980-2000
Sire: Champagne Fizz, 1973 chestnut <r> (Supreme Sultan x Commander's Elegance)
Dam: Sea's Silhouette, 1973 black <r>  (Billy Sea x To-Mar Citation)
Lines to CH Valley View Supreme, CH Wing Commander, Kalarama Rex, CH King's Genius and Stonewall King(2x).
OF Grand Champion Akhal-Teke Stallion "Bronze Baron"
1979 Bay. First Foal Crop: 1983-2003
Sire: CH Step Right, 1967 bay <r> (CH Wing Commander x High Fashioned Sue)
Dam: The Stripper, 1967 chestnut <r> (CH Ridgefield's Genius x Striptease Dancer)
OF Grand Champion Morgan Stallion "Tried & True"
1982 Grey (chestnut base). First Foal Crop: 1986-2006
Sire: Tyger Tyger Burning Bright, 1968 chestnut <r> (Flashy Bourbon Peavine x Radiant Ebony)
Dam: Sweethearts Blush, 1970 grey <r> (Glowing Denmark x Midnight Sweetheart)
Lines: No Wing Commander
1988 Chestnut. First Foal Crop: 1991
Sire: Flame of Greystone, 1972 chestnut <r> (Chief of Greystone x High Point Flame)
Dam: Shellbark's Empress, 1967 chestnut <r> (Shellbark Stonewall x Pepperette)
Lines to CH Wing Commander, Stonewall King(2x), CH King's Genius, and Mountain Peavine.
Breyer 5-Gaiter CM by Ashleigh Morgan
1991 Grey. First Foal Crop: 1994
Sire: Flaming Emperor, 1988 chestnut (Flame of Greystone <r> x Shellbark's Empress <r>)
Dam: Siren Song SLS, 1985 grey <r> (The Silver Lining x Silver Lining's Enchantment)
Lines to CH Wing Commander(2x), Starheart Stonewall, Ace O'Goshen, Genius Bourbon King, Kalarama Rex(2x) and Beau Fortune.
1992 Chestnut. First Foal Crop: 1995
Sire: Flaming Emperor, 1988 chestnut (Flame of Greystone <r> x Shellbark's Empress <r>)
Dam: WC New Estate Am-A-Gem, 1988 chestnut <r> (The Sundrifter x Cross Time)
Lines to Supreme Sultan and Flight Time (by CH Wing Commander).
Breyer SM #5608 CM by Bellehaven Farms
1994 Black Tobiano. First Foal Crop: 1996
Sire: Kabuki, 1991 black <r> (Harlem Globetrotter x Martha! Martha!)
Dam: Santana's Spitfire, 1986 black tobiano (Chubasco <r> x Serenely Santana <r>)
Lines to CH Yorktown, CH Supreme Airs, Anacacho Denmark, Supreme Sultan (2x), and Kalarama Rex.
Breyer OF #1141; Clock Horse Mold
1995 Palomino Tobiano. First Foal Crop: 1998
bred by Rocking M Ranch
Sire: Carribean Flight, 1989 chestnut (WGC Sky Watch <r> x Brittania)
Dam: Shimmer, 1989 palomino tobiano (Golden Symbol <m> x Firewind Sorceress)  
Lines to CH Buck Rogers, CH Wing Commander and Status Symbol.
Breyer OF #700298 "A Class Act"; 5-Gaiter Mold
1996 Liver Chestnut. First Foal Crop: 1999
bred by Fairwind Farms Inc.
Sire: Fairwind's Nakanawa, chestnut (CH Caramac <r> x Belle Elegant <r>)
Dam: Bi Mi Champagne Fiesta, 1987 chestnut <r> (Champagne Fizz x Dawn's Copper Commander)
Lines to Will Shriver, Anacacho Denmark, Stonewall Supreme,  CH Wing Commander, and CH Yorktown(2x).
Breyer OF # 915 "Kentuckiana"; ASB Weanling Mold
1998 Black. First Foal Crop: 2001
Sire: Sultan's Great Day, 1981 black <r> (Supreme Sultan x Supreme's Casindra)
Dam: Miss Joanie B, 1988 chestnut <r> (Blackberry Winter x Hayfield's Amazon Princess)
Lines to Genius Bourbon King, Anacacho Denmark(2x), Stonewall Supreme(2x), and Gallant Guy O'Goshen.
Breyer SM ASB #5608, CM by Martha Bechtel, SunRunner Stables
2000 Bay Sabino. First Foal Crop: 2003
Sire: Finally Attached, 1991 chestnut sabino <r> (Attache x Camilla Fox)
Dam: Moonlight Becomes Her, 1996 bay <r> (Chubasco x Sea Angels' Desdemona)
Lines to Mr. Magic Man, CH Yorktown, and Oman's Desdemona Denmark.
Breyer OF #7308001 "TRU Valient Bey"; 5-Gaiter Mold
1972 Black Sabino. Open Years: 1977-1997
Sire: Hampton's Rex Genius, 1967 chstnt sabino <r> (Hampton Rhoads x Velvet's Dainty Bourbon)
Dam: Genius Sweetie, 1964 bay <r> (Journell's Bourbon Genius x Karen Kingston)
Lines to Leatherwood King, Nancy Highland's Chief (2x), Rex Peavine (3x), Bourbon King and Guided By Love ("he certainly wasn't guided by anything else!") No Wing Commander
Peter Stone OF "Star of Wonder"; ASB Pebbles Mold
1978 Chestnut. Open Years: 1983, 1985-1995, 1997-2003
Sire: CH Gallant Guy O'Goshen, 1951 chestnut <r> (Beau Gallant x Gilded Gal O'Goshen)
Dam: Lady Trigg, 1965 chestnut <r> (CH Wing Commander x Carol Trigg)
OF Grand Champion Plantation Mare "Dixie Lady"
1980 Bay. Open Years: 1987-1994, 1997, 2000-2005
Sire: Penny's Superior Stonewall, 1974 bay <r> (CH Superior Odds x CH Penny's Stonewall)
Dam: Wild Ginger, 1954 bay <r> (Wild Genius x Stonewall's Grand Lady)
Lines to Wing's Fleet Admiral, Stonewall King(2x), CH King's Genius, and Wild Rex.
Breyer #SR1992; John Henry Mold CM by Bellehaven Farms
1983 Bay. Open Years: 1988-1989, 1991-2005
Sire: Lord O'Shea, 1974 chestnut <r> (Oman's Desdemona Denmark)
Dam: Secret Pastime, 1972 bay <r> (Secret Society x Daunsay)
No Wing Commander
Model Body Pending
1983 Chestnut. Open Years: 1988-1997, 1999, 2000, 2003-2005
Sire: The Mean Machine, 1978 chestnut <r> (Attache x Mona Denmark)
Dam: Swiss Society, 1975 liver chestnut <r> (Society's Best x Swissmont Sonata)
OF Grand Champion Dutch Warmblood Stallion "Escapade"
1986 Black Tobiano. Open Years:1993,1995-1997, 1999, 2001-2005
Sire: Chubasco, 1977 chestnut tobiano <r> (Foutain of Youth x Tropical Gale)
Dam: Serenely Santana, 1981 black <r> (Sultan's Santana x Anacacho's Midnight Miss)
Lines to CH Yorktown, Status Symbol, Beau Fortune, Supreme Sultan, CH America Beautiful, Kalarama Rex and CH Anacacho Shamrock.
1990 Bay Tobiano. Open Years: 1997-1999, 2002-2005
bred by Fairwind Farms Inc.
Sire: Fairwind's Royal Choice, chestnut (Mountjoy's Royal Genius <r> x Lover's Choice <r>)
Dam: Stormy April Sky, 1986 bay tobiano <r> (The Skyhawk x California Dreamer)
Lines to Kalarama Rex, CH King's Genius, CH Sky Watch and Society Rex.
Breyer OF #479 "NSH"; Rejoice Mold
1992 Liver Chestnut. Open Years: 1998, 2001-2005
Sire: Champagne Fizz, 1973 chestnut <r> (Supreme Sultan x Commander's Elegance)
Dam: Sweet Sorcery,  1988 chestnut <r> (Periaptor x Barbella Supreme)
Lines to CH Valley View Supreme(2x), CH Wing Commander, CH Courageous Admiral, CH Dream Waltz, and CH Ridgefield's Genius.
SM Citation Mold, CM by Bellehaven Farms
1992 Bay. Open Years: 1996-2005
Sire: Flaming Emperor, 1988 chestnut (Flame of Greystone <r> x Shellbark's Empress <r>)
Dam: Stonewall's Ginger, 1980 bay (Penny's Superior Stonewall <r> x Wild Ginger <r>)
Lines to CH Wing Commander, Stonewall King(4x), CH King's Genius(2x), Mountain Peavine.Wing's Fleet Admiral,  and Wild Rex.
Model Body Pending
1992 Black. Open Years: 1997,1998, 2000-2005
Sire: Flaming Emperor, 1988 chestnut (Flame of Greystone <r> x Shellbark's Empress <r>)
Dam: CH Empress In Black, 1988 black <r> (Harlem Globetrotter x Northern Empress)
Lines to CH Wing Commander(3x), Mr. Magic Man, CH Supreme Airs, Supreme Sultan and Kalarama Denmark.
Model Body Pending
1992 Chestnut. Open Years: 1999-2005
Sire: Supremacy's High Time, 1987 chestnut <r> (CH Albelarm Supremacy x Best Odds)
Dam: CH Goodnight Irene, 1987 chestnut <r> (Steppin' Stuff x Lady Wallen)
Lines to CH Valley View Supreme(2x), CH Superior Odds, CH Wing Commander, Genius Bourbon King and Stonewall King(2x).
Breyer OF ASB SM (2003)
1993 Chestnut. Open Years: 1997-2000, 2002-2005
Sire: Flaming Emperor, 1988 chestnut (Flame of Greystone <r> x Shellbark's Empress <r>)
Dam: Phancy Phi, 1987 chestnut <r> (Phi Slama Jama x Lust Affair)
Lines to CH Wing Commander(2x), Denmark's Bourbon Genius(2x), and Society Rex.
Breyer OF #3356, Twin Morgan Foals Set, Ashley Mold
1994 Bay. Open Years: 1999-2005
Sire: (SA) War Image, 1985 bay <r> ((SA) Y-Not Warlord x (SA) Westfront Perfect Image)
Dam: Marilyn Monrose, 1990 chestnut <r> (Galahad x Normandy Rose)
Lines to CH Valley View Supreme(2x), CH Dream Waltz, Denmark's Bourbon Genius and Stonewall King.
1996 Chestnut Sabino. Open Years: 2001, 2003-2005
Sire: Flaming Emperor, 1988 chestnut (Flame of Greystone <r> x Shellbark's Empress <r>)
Dam: Gracey Slick, 1991 chestnut sabino <r> (Santana's Footprint x Paragon Jewel)
Lines to CH Wing Commander, Stonewall King(2x), CH King's Genius, Supreme Sultan, CH American Beautiful and Anacacho Denmark.
Breyer SM #5608 CM by Bellehaven Farms
1999 Palomino. Open Years: 2005-2005
bred by Nightstar Arabians
Sire: Bellehaven's Sweet-Tek-Neek, 1995 palomino tobiano (Carribean Flight  x Shimmer)
Dam: Summer Carnival, 1995 palomino (Carnival Mariposa <r> x Silhouette's Vanity Star)
Lines to CH Sky Watch, CH Buck Rogers, and Winter Carnival.
Breyer OF SR #QVC710396; ASB Weanling Mold

Sweetheart Revival

His Latest Flame